Torsdagsaktionen skickar pressmeddelande till amerikansk press

Obama reser med ett följe på runt sjuhundra personer, däribland ett stort antal journalister. Vi beslöt oss för att skicka ett meddelande till en del av alla Vita Huset-korrespondenterna. Brevet kan läsas i dess helhet nedan.

Insufficient accessibility not classed as discrimination in Sweden

It might come as a surprise to Americans that Sweden to this day does not have any legislation that classes insufficient accessibility as discrimination, such as Title III in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) from 1990 that was signed into law in the United States in 1990. About a million people – roughly a ninth of our country’s population – have some kind of disability or impairment. A million people lack their civil rights.

There is already an investigation proposal on how to make this possible, which has been sent out for comment. Nearly three years have passed since the government started preparing the responses, without proposing legislation.

Representatives from various disability organizations are standing outside Rosenbad, the offices of the Swedish government, each Thursday morning between 8AM – 9AM to welcome the cabinet ministers for their weekly meeting, and also to remind them of and discuss our demands of our civil rights. We started the Thursday Campaign December 1st 2011. There are now nineteen disability organizations standing behind it.

This week, the cabinet meets on Friday morning at Rosenbad. We will be there to greet them. 

– Accessibility and usability is a matter of being able to claim your rights as a citizen – nothing else, says DHR president Maria Johansson. We have grown tired of empty promises and fancy words a long time ago. The most recent inquiry, Bortom fagert tal (Beyond lip service), speaks for itself. It’s time for a political positioning, and it’s time that the government puts words into action.

Liaisons to the Press:
Maria Johansson 070-508 80 29, president DHR
Fredrik Granath 070-384 80 31, press secretary DHR

These organisations stand behind the Thursday Campaign

DHR – Förbundet för ett samhälle utan rörelsehinder
FSDB Förbundet Sveriges Dövblinda
FUB – För barn, unga och vuxna med utvecklingsstörning
FQ – Forum Kvinnor och Funktionshinder,
Förbundet Unga Rörelsehindrade,
Hörselskadades Riksförbund HRF,
Lika Unika,
Neurologiskt Handikappades Riksförbund NHR,
Personskadeförbundet RTP,
Riksförbundet Rörelsehindrade Barn och Ungdomar RBU,
RSMH – Riksförbundet för Social och Mental Hälsa,
Sveriges Dövas Riksförbund SDR,
Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund SDUF
Sveriges Ledarhundsförare SLHF
Synskadades Riksförbund SRF
Unga Synskadade


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