DHR in English

DHR is an organization for people with impaired mobility. DHR is a democratic organization that is politically and religiously neutral. We work through our 21 districts and around 160 departments. We have about 12 000 members in total.

The central organization has its focus on parliament, government and authorities, while districts are working towards their respective counties. The departments pursue the rights issues at the municipal level.

Within DHR there are also a number of networks where members come together to push “their” issue. This may involve labour market or utilities and habilitation/rehabilitation. All members are welcome to join our networks.

Within the departments, there is an important social activity with monthly meetings, courses, collective trips and excursions.

The highest governing body of DHR is the Federation meeting which is conducted every other year. At the meeting 51 representatives appointed by the districts participates.

DHR is not content in recognizing the principle of equality of all people. We are working actively to implement it. By creating public opinion and influence political decisions, we can change the society.

We call it the policy of rights.

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