In 1923, Anna Vogel took the initiative and started a peer association to give a voice to people with disabilities and reduced mobility. It was the start of the organization DHR, which for a hundred years has contributed to fundamentally change Sweden.

Now we are celebrating a hundred years. If we look back, we have managed to achieve a lot, but if we look forward, there is there much more to do.

We don’t think we need fewer rights, but more. Because rights create opportunities, both for individual and society. That is why DHR exists – to increase participation, the power of action to create freedom for disabled people with reduced mobility.


DHR is an organization for people with reduced mobility, politically and religiously independent. We conduct rights policy work with the goal that people with reduced mobility should be fully equal, gender-equal and involved in society. The work takes place both nationally and through our districts/ regions and local associations, from Vellinge in the south to Kiruna in the north.